Beware Fraud Persons Who Confess Buyers on Online Selling Business

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Fraud is always widespread everywhere, from the subtle way to the rough way, even from the use of technology pickup to use advanced technology such as gadgets and computers as they exist today.
In today’s era there are many fraudulent, diverse and equally dangerous modes. But among the many modes of fraud there is a new fraud mode that rampant occurred during the last few months of this mode of fraud on buying and selling online. This incident occurred in 2013 when there are others who claimed the buyer called or contacted me as if I had sent money because interested in buying online sales that he saw on the internet. He said to have transferred and contacted my contact number on the sale and purchase advertisement. He said interested After reading the online trading information, then said to have sent money and took the initiative to contact the phone number and asked when the goods will arrive kealamatnya.
Sipenipu called and talked as if he had sent money according to the price of the goods he had bought that is one and a half million rupiah. Then he for various reasons continues to state that he has transferred the money accordingly to the price of Rp.1.500.000. kerekening me temporary after checking account no money enters alias nil alias and normal-normal account only. The situation gets hotter, Then after talking and arguing at length the sipenipu advise to contact customer service from the bank where he sent it. That is the reason he started the real action. I also say yes rather than long.
So by mutual agreement it was decided to contact CS bank. But strangely he himself asked to contact the bank CS by listening to their conversations through the speakers. Then their conversation was heard. But is that true? Of course that’s not true because it’s a fraud. So what did sipenipu do?
It turns out he’s a con artist. the fraudsters cooperate with each other and share duties, some act as casualties seekers, some act as penelopon victims and some act as customer service banks. Then through a good cooperation from each of their colleagues trying to fool. Another Sipenipu who ngakunya CS is one of his colleagues who recently I know. How to find out? This is an important experience and lesson to know.
This is how they cheat continues, after the first caller contacts the customer service who is his friend as well and then he handed me to speak directly to the CS who is his friend also with as if using the phone but surely be beside him. Then one of his colleagues who disguised as a customer services a bank that guides me to enter the ATM with the reason we will together check the results of the transaction.


That’s how sipenipu who keeps stuffing me with his deceptive words masquerading as a customer service. The tricky cousin guided me to enter my ATM and kept telling me to follow the instructions. I also feel like hypnotized. Then I then enter the ATM and then directed to enter the number he said as the first access code to see the account when in fact it is not.
This is where the fraud, sipenipu direct us to enter the ATM and then resumed ATM PIN, then direct us into transfer kemenu, but when we realize it’s transfer menu and he reasoned, he tried to divert and said it wrong and how if we repeat, sipenipu trying to outsmart the word -said and so on until I volunteered to enter the transfer only from the lingering. because I also want to know what the next action is.
Then after entering the transfer menu, then they ask to enter the first access code number with the reason as the access code. The access code was somehow preceded by the zero 013788549. although he said it was the first access code but I could not believe it and still did not include it but preferred to record the number on paper.
My suspicions are apparently true because Later it was discovered that the first access code was the amount of money to be transferred. They outsmart that the intent of the number is unknown so there is a zero in front. luckily i recorded the number.
Then after that they told me to go into another transaction and enter the number they said is the second access code with the number that is 1091394257. but later it is known that the numbers are the account number sipenipu. But at first I did not realize, but after thinking that I was being cheated and certainly not following the instructions sipenipu. I also slowly analyze what this number really is.
After I thought and asked a few people then it was concluded that it was account number and initiated to check in internet banking. then after checking it is true account number on behalf of my secret and if my friends want to know may enter its own account number through internet banking to know the owner of account account, but may be account has been blocked by bank because have been reported. Or maybe not because the police have not caught the villain yet.
In the end though the sipenipu did not succeed in deceiving me but I am glad that he lost the pulse for calling me. This is a unique experience. The way I belong is quite good and organized, because with the numbers above after I run-trace is the amount of money as the first access code and account number as the second access code. they are smart enough but unfortunately their intelligence is used for such criminal things. They are frauds by way of conniving and planned and unique, great and amazing because they are able to fabricate cases.
if I am not alert and cautious, then their idea of ​​plotting someone else on behalf of being a CS who is their friend (sipenipu) might succeed in deceiving me. therefore I am lucky to realize. but syaa can not menjami others can be so lucky. because if other people are lulled and unconscious then it will certainly make money transfer to the swindler syndicate. Police should immediately step in to arrest the fraudster’s crook.
We must be aware and always alert in the middle of a vulnerable world. For such a mode has started to circulate. I also found out later after investigation that we apparently asked to transfer money amounting to RP.13.788.549 which is said sipenipu is the first access code.
I advise Everyone to be careful even fraud has also penetrated the field of finance such as bank account theft and fraud users of Automated Teller Machine (ATM). Therefore everyone is expected to be alert to the fraudulent modes including a new mode of theft that is becoming more ingenious.
This is important because today’s perpetrators are no longer doing it in the usual way, but by tricking victims by using victims who may be overjoyed for getting money, getting a buyer or getting a prize, so it may panic, lose control, sumbringah or other circumstances which makes self-forgetful, lulled and unaware that he is being cheated.

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